Dealing with Myths, Misinformation, and Failures in Reasoning

Tired of being bombarded with lies, half-truths, misinformation and faulty reasoning that obscures reality?  Well, so are we.

So welcome to Reality-Check-Online, a web site providing...:

Tools for discovering reality.  Reality is out there, and while none of us can be perfect perceivers of it, we can work to avoid errors in how we see it and how others present their view (sometimes highly distorted and/or biased view) of it to us, and providing...

Examples of factual analysis and reasoned discussion of many current issues and controversies, especially those that have been diluted, polluted and obscured by wave after wave of distorted and false information.

We think it's good to use reason and be thoughtful, and that's what we intend to do here, to the best of our ability.

Read about Henry and George below, then take a look at additional articles/topics that can be found on our Articles Page.

The point is: We may not always be able to perceive reality, but it's out there, and it will do whatever it's going to do, whether we see it, or not. 

So, whenever possible, it's usually a good idea to do a reality check.  And even if, for whatever reason, it turns out we're unable to see the reality out there, it is better to have checked than not checked.

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