Brief Introduction: What obstructs our view of reality?


There are various things that get in the way of seeing reality, things that occur accidentally, and things that occur on purpose.  Humans are fallible, so it is necessary to take that into account.


If we know what some of the things are that can cloud our vision and keep us from looking deeper, we can try to counteract them.


That's the purpose of these articles.  We want to share some information and ideas about what can get in the way. 


Intentional: We're going to start with ways people intentionally obscure our ability to see reality. 

  • They try to tell us not to look, it's not really out there. 

  • Or they try to distract us and get us to look at things they want us to look at, so we won't see stuff that might tell use where the real threats to us are. 

  • Or they try to keep us from looking beyond the surface. 

  • Or they try to sow seeds of doubt to minimize or obfuscate facts and realities.

  • Or they try to provide us with false or misleading information, including the idea that that's what others are trying to do to them is misleading, when it's not.

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Unintentional: Then, we'll move on to those things that obscure reality that can be and often are less intentional, or even unintentional. 

  • Some of these result from self-fulfilling prophesies (our actions based on our prophesies cause them to come into reality)

  • Some result from faulty reasoning and various fallacies (and there are a lot them).

  • Some result from our unavoidable and inevitable biases, so it's best to know what they are and how to counteract them.

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