I Don't Want to See

Sometimes it's not a matter of being unable to see reality.  Sometimes its' a matter of not wanting to see.  Fact is, there are some pretty darn inconvenient truths out there, things some of us would rather ignore, pretend don't exist, and hope go away all by themselves.  They have already found reason to think, or believe what they think, or believe and that do NOT want to see anything that disproves their hard held notions.

For example, they believe that the current President of the United States (whomever that might be) is bad, incompetent, bent on destroying the country, etc.  They don't want to hear anything that contradicts these thoughts and beliefs.

Now, there are times when we can pull folks heads out of the sand and show them reality.  And that's good, right?  Yes, but it turns out there is something that enables them to put their heads back in the sand.  What is it?  It's the fact that they have assembled not just one but a variety of things ("facts" or "ideas") that confirm what they already believe.

Convergent Confirmation Bias (as in, "There's more where that came from"): This is sort of something we thought up all on our own. 

There is a thing called "Convergent Thinking," which we discuss more fully on a different web page, and which involves bringing together a number of facts and ideas to reach and/or support a particular conclusion. 

There is also a thing called "Confirmation Bias," which we discuss more fully on a different web page, and which involves looking only for things that confirm or support what a person already thinks and/or believes.

What this "Convergent Confirmation Bias" involves is seeking out and using a bunch of "facts" that support and confirm an already held belief.  By having several such "facts," the person doesn't care if one is disproved (as in, "There's plenty more from where that came from").

So, for example, if a person seeks to confirm his or her notion that the President is bad, incompetent, bent on destroying the country, etc., he or she finds a number of things she, or he believes supports that notion.  If any one of them is proven wrong, so what, there's still several other confirming "facts."

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