Brief Introduction:

Importance of Science and Research


Have you noticed that science and research have come under criticism these days. While it takes various forms, at the core, the criticism questions the validity and value of science.  Further, they often suggest that belief, or feelings, or gut reactions, are more important than observation.  This is not new, but it is becoming more and more prevalent at present.  We have more to say about this in our introduction to science, itself (see below)


Why?  We're not sure why all this criticism of science is happening, but suspect there are multiple reasons for it, ranging from a lack of knowledge about science to an objection to various scientific findings. Whatever the case, we don't propose to address these possible reasons (at least not right now).


As you might well image, we don't agree.  We don't propose that feelings are beliefs, etc., are irrelevant, but we do propose that they are often inadequate when it comes to perceiving and understanding reality.  Indeed, we feel science and research are often the key to discovering reality.

A bit of irony.  The thing is, often this criticism doesn't deal with what science really is.  The criticisms themselves are not scientific, or particularly rational.  Rather, they are feelings, sometimes fears, often paranoid suspicions.  They occur either by accident, or on purpose. So in our pursuit of reality, we thought it would be good to clarify what science (and the scientific method) are really all about.

This is a big topic.  A very big topic, so NO we are not going to offer a detailed description of science, or the finer points in the philosophy of science (yes, there is a philosophy of science). Rather, we want to talk about some key aspects of science, those that address the various criticisms that have been raised


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