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Yep, that's what we all thought, right?  Can't have one without the other.

In other words, marriage is all about LOVE...or is it???


Ah, but, see, there's this thing called TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE!!!  And and there are a LOT of people who are really concerned about this.  Yep, very, very concerned.  And they let everyone know...you, know, that's it is only between a man and a woman.




Thing is, well, just maybe they don't understand the implications in this definition of marriage, this idea that it is only between a man and a woman.


Think about it.  If all marriages are about love, then the only difference between a gay marriage and a heterosexual marriage is the gender of the persons having sex with each other....




The only conclusion we're able to reach is that "Traditional Marriage" is all about sex (as in, fornication).  Might not exclude love, but it sure ranks intercourse (whether procreational, or recreational) higher.  Least ways, that how it looks to us.   In other words, traditional marriage is more about the gender of your sex partner, not whether you love that person.


And... well, we guess maybe "Non-traditional Marriage" (i.e., marriage that's between humans but not between a man and a woman) are more about love than sex .  Hmmm...comes down to it, that's not surprising.


Maybe the advocates of "Traditional Marriage" can learn something from this.


Or not.


Okay, Okay, some of you may think this is all..



Sooo, maybe you're right.  BUT...the question remains: Whose tongue in whose cheek?



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