Brief Introduction: Hot Topics


These are various topics we would like to highlight.  Often they involve current issues and concerns in public discourse.  And in some cases, they are topics that fit in other categories below on the Articles page, while in other cases they don't fit, or would simply have to be a one-item topics of their own (which will change if and when additional related topics arise).  The newest and most current hot topics are listed first.


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 To read about media bias

 To read about Kleptocracies, a form of government that steals money from the public

 To read about the ways doubt can be used to mislead us

 To read about the Electoral College, its origins and purpose

 To read about unemployment and the various methods used to calculate and report it

 To read about the strategies and goals of ISIS

 To read about the differences between Pro-choice and Pro-life

 To terrorist profiling and how it can best be used

 To read about discrimination vs. reverse discrimination

 To read about the boy who cried wolf and an alternate moral to the story

 To read about homophobia and our interpretation of the phobia

 To read about the notion that guns don't kill people

 To about the role of respect and who gets it and when

 To read about love and marriage

 To read about the sources of success, using financial success as a model


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